Saturday, September 27, 2008

just me.....

caitlin louise*

little alyssa!

so i'm 17 years old and life is good. great actually! i live in good old north dakota. i was born in dallas and then spent 11 years of my life in kennewick, wa. i still miss it sometimes but i've grown to love dickinson, its not such a bad little town! i have seven sisters plus a brother in law. and yes life can be hecktic but i wouldnt have it any other way! my oldest sister is 23, the youngest is 4. i play GOLF and tennis. golf is my passion and i hope to play in college. my season's almost over and its been alrite. i made all-state so i'm definantly happy about that. and after golf, its tennis from then on out. tennis season is probly the funnest thing ever! i love life, its such an amazing thing. it does make me sad tho sometimes, just because the way time flies is ridiculous. i mean, the time for me to leave home is just around the corner and thats a scary thought! sometimes i still feel like a freshmen and yet im a big bad senior! i can remember my high school years perfectly. it seems like just yesterday was the first day of freshmen years and its so fresh in my mind! i have no regrets, for the most part i've really lived it up. haha high school is such a blast. the only thing i might regret is that it went so fast but that doesnt really count. but what am i talking about, i still have a whole year left and it'll be the best one yet!!! i'll make sure of that! um...some of my hobbies include boating, jetskiing, wakeboarding, swimming, bridge jumping, hunting, four wheeling, snow skiing, singing, trampolining, being lazy, star tipping(ha), cheering on every sport at my school! i LOVE football games! and cant wait for hockey season! i love black licorice. i think shia labeouf is the HOTTEST man to ever walk this earth. i love the movie 21. one tree hill and the office are the best tv shows ever. i love the dallas cowboys along with the seahawks, my home town teams! woot woot! i hope to attend byu next fall, following in my sisters' footsteps. im scared to live on my own but im also VERY excited!! well i cant think of anything else right just a normal girl, living a normal life, and trying to be the best person i can.

and now a few from the beginning of this amazing school year! GO MIDGETS!!!

its still summer.....

just some summer pics.....


well i just now decided to start a blog cuz i saw my sister's and her husbands and it looks like fun! it's my senior year of high school and so far its been great! i am making memories like no other! so now i'll have somewhere to share them! life is great, and even though i've had plenty of struggles and downfalls, i wouldnt have it any other way. "what doesnt kill you will always make you stronger" and i believe this to be true. well have a good day everyone!